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Pedestrian and Auto Safety




We encourage your support for this very important safety.  We review safety standards about walking to and from school throughout the year and practice daily at dismissal.  Each teacher walks the class to a specific gate to avoid congestion. 


  1. Help your child locate the safest route to school.
  2. Help your child cross streets only at corners, crosswalks, and not to run across the street.  If you walk across at the middle of the street with your child or call them from your car to run across to you, then you are teaching a very dangerous practice.  Please pay attention to this.
  3. Help your child to obey crossing guards. hey are there to assist your children in crossing safely.
  4. Help your child to wait and look both ways before crossing at a signal.
  5. Please do not permit your child to get out of your car in the middle of the street to cross.  This is extremely dangerous.
  6. Do not DOUBLE PARK to drop off or pick up your child.  Walking in and around other cars is very dangerous.  Pull your car into the curb or the school side of the street only.  A little patience here will pay off in keeping your child safe.
  7. Please become familiar with posted parking signs.  Do not park in bus zones.  You can expect tickets for parking violations.  The school cannot “fix” tickets for you.

Please save this letter.  Review the rules with your children periodically.  We know traffic gets congested around Gulf Avenue Elementary School, but your patience and cooperation can make a difference as we work toward safety for your children.