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54 Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week May 1st through 5th.

54 Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation

Need some inspiration for teacher appreciation? This guide is a collection of our best ideas, with links to lots of free printables and other tools.


When it comes to showing teachers you care, it truly is the thought that counts. We’ve rounded up our favorite teacher appreciation ideas, both grand and simple, for easy browsing. You’ll find ideas for luncheon themes, cute gift tags, and much more.

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May (this year, May 1-5). It’s a great time to honor teachers (and don’t forget the school staff). But teacher appreciation doesn’t have to be a one-time effort. Showing appreciation to staff members throughout the school year can lift spirits and enhance your PTO’s relations with teachers. Use our Teacher Appreciation Planning Tools to help get started.



Student Projects

Ask students to help create gifts their teachers will treasure. Purchase an inexpensive autograph book and ask students to write thank-you notes for their teacher inside. Or you can have students write thank-you notes and give them to the teacher along with a classroom photo.



For the Classroom

Many teachers spend hundreds of dollars of their own money each year on classroom supplies. That means that school supplies and classroom items are always welcome gifts. Add a heartfelt message and the gift will be appreciated even more.



Free or Cheap

Most schools have dozens of employees, which means that teacher and staff appreciation costs can add up quickly. Parent groups can keep expenses down with free or low-cost efforts. Check out our list of no-cost appreciation ideas or download inspirational quotes about teaching to share on your group’s Facebook page or post around the school. You can also create your own cards or flyers with images from our Clip Art Gallery.



Lift Teachers’ Spirits

Sometimes all it takes is a small bottle of lotion or a nice plant to make a person feel pampered. These gift ideas are for the teacher’s own use, whether in their classroom or at home.




Both healthy snacks and sweet treats are popular teacher appreciation gifts. Our collection of printables includes the popular Candy Poem, as well as punny or touching gift tags that can be attached to small gifts like cupcakes or crackers.




Work with the principal to arrange a teacher breakfast or an extended teacher lunch break. In addition to the food, teachers will enjoy the meal as a chance to socialize with coworkers. Use the Staff Appreciation Meal Checklist from the planning tools to help organize.



Help Teachers Out

One thing teachers never have enough of is time. Your PTO can help teachers by arranging for parent volunteers to cover some school-day duties like playground supervision or by offering to help with routine tasks like dropping off and picking up dry cleaning or washing car windows. Kids can also pitch in with coupons offering to help keep the classroom in order.



Gift Cards

When you’re not sure what to get a teacher, a gift card is a safe bet. You can create a crafty gift card bouquet or print out these clever gift card holders.



Say Thanks All Year Long

Think about ways to show teachers some appreciation throughout the school year. You can start with a small gift that has a back-to-school message on the tag. It’s also helpful to survey teachers around the start of the school year about their favorite foods, stores, sports teams, and more. Share the results with classroom parents so families can give the teacher more personal gifts.


Best Practices for Teacher Appreciation

Many parent groups go all out for Teacher Appreciation Week (observed the first full week of May), but there’s no need to wait so long to say thank-you. Showing appreciation to staff members throughout the school year can lift spirits and enhance your PTO’s relations with teachers.

While you’re showing teachers appreciation, be sure to extend recognition to other staff members, too. If honoring all staff members at once is too expensive, consider recognizing a different department each month.

Don’t go overboard. Even small gifts add up when you need to have dozens of them. It’s better to keep things simple than to blow your budget. Teachers will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gesture more than how much time or money was spent on it.