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  • Sign in the Visitor’s Log Book located on the counter in the main office when entering the campus and sign-out when leaving campus.
  • Request an appointment for a classroom visitation date and time from the office staff after entering the school office.
  • Complete a visitor’s permit and obtain the principal/designee’s approval before proceeding to the classroom.
  • Determine the classroom activity you are observing and keep the classroom observation time and frequency reasonable.
  • Follow the school’s established procedures for scheduling an appointment with the teacher(s) and/or principal/designee after the classroom visit, if needed.
  • Return the visitor’s permit to the school office before leaving the campus.
  • Children who are not enrolled at the school are not to be on the campus unless prior approval of the principal/designee has been obtained


  • Enter and leave the classroom as quietly as possible.
  • Do not converse with the students, teacher, and/or instructional aides during the visitation
  • Do not interfere with any school activity during the visitation.